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What is Cork Shield?


Cork from the cork tree is a renewable resource that contains natural properties for energy efficiency and thermal barriers. Using state of the art science we have created a cork spray that can be used in various applications in both residential and commercial applications.

How can Cork Shield help you?


Cork Shield insulated cork spray has a similar texture and look as stucco. Applied to the walls or roof of your home Cork Shield can create a thermal barrier on your home that is energy efficient, water resistant, flexible, mildew resistant, breathable, durable, and maintenance free. We are here to save you time and money on your energy bills and maintenance costs. 

Why is Cork Shield right for you?


If you have cracked and leaking stucco, Cork Shield is the perfect solution for you. Cork Shield thermal cork spray will not only fix the cracked and leaking stucco it will create a thermal barrier that can save you money on your energy bills.  Backed by a 10 year warranty you can be rest assured that the color of your Cork Shield thermal cork spray will be maintenance free. 

Check it out


Stucco House

This is your average stucco house, check out these temperatures. How much are you spending on your electric bill? 


CorkShield -VS- Stucco

You be the Judge

Don't waste time start saving now! 

This is only one advantage to Vipeq Thermal CorkShield  check out all the other benefits this product has to offer.


Vipeq Thermal CorkShield

This stucco house has been spayed with CorkShield. Check out the difference in the temperature and this is on the outside. Imagine what this does for the inside of your home. 


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Vipeq Thermal CorkShield

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